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AB 2504 - Strickland (R) - Increasing Welfare Fines and Doling it out to Counties and District Attorneys


BILL STATUS - Defeated in Human Services Committee

This would would increase welfare fines and rather than using the money for the program it would dole the money out to counties welfare fraud investigators and District Attorneys.

AB 2018 - Skinner (D) - Food Stamp Mobility


CCWRO is co-sponsoring this bill with CWDA and WCL&P

This bill would provide that food stamp recipients would not have to reapply for food stamp benefits when they move from one county to another county.

BILL STATUS: Vetoed by the Governor because similar language is already in the 2010-2011 Budget Implementation Trailer Bill

AB 1866 - Strickland (R) - 100% Home Visit Program for all CalWORKs Applicants


BILL STATUS: Defeated in Assembly Human Services Committee

This would would require home visits for every applicant of CalWORKs. It would cost over $50 million and it would create 1,000 new jobs for welfare fraud investigators. This bill is sponsored by welfare fraud investigators.

AB 1914 - David (D) Food Stamp Income Verification Simplification


Sponsored by CCWRO and WCL&P

This bill provides that Unemployment Insurance Benefits (UIB) benefits, for applicants applying to or receiving benefits from the Food Stamp Program (FSP), can be counted as income for purposes of FSP eligibility determination and calculation of the benefit level only if the county welfare department obtains a report from the Employment Development Department (EDD) specifying a start date and amount of the UIB; and further requires a copy of the report be provided to the FSP applicant or recipient if the county welfare department takes any action based on the report.

BILL STATUS: Vetoed by the Governor. The Veto message states that this can be done administratively.

AB 1804 - Hagman (R) Employment Training Panel


BILL STATUS - Passed Assembly Insurance Committee as amended.


This bill stopped moving.