Los Angeles Eligibility Verification System (IEVS)State Review Report

The California Department of Social Services (CDSS) Program Integrity Section performed an Income and Eligibility Verification System (IEVS) review of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Social
Services that concluded on May 24, 2023. The CDSS reviewed recipient cases and various statistical reports, interviewed CWD staff that performs IEVS functions and conducted physical site inspections.
Part of the review is whether counties are acting on reports that are called “abstracts.” An abstract show that a certain case had income or resources which was not known to the county or is not in the county system for some reason. If the numbers that the federal government has based on the beneficiary’s social security does not match, that creates an abstract and counties have 45 days to review and act on the reported discrepancy to prevent overpayments.
CDSS made the following findings:

•40 IFD abstracts for run date April 1, 2022; 32 abstracts were processed timely, and 8 abstracts were processed untimely. [Integrated Earnings Clearance/Fraud Detection System (Quarterly) Provides information on wages reported by employers to EDD, as well as on duplicate aid among CalWORKs, Food Stamp, and SSI/SSP recipients. These reports contain information on a case-bycase
basis on possible recipients of duplicate aid within a county, between counties, and/or between California
and Oregon, Nevada and Arizona, as well as SSI/SSP recipients who are erroneously receiving Food Stamps and/or CalWORKs.

• 40 PVS abstracts for run date January 01, 2023; 25
abstracts were processed timely, and 15 abstracts were processed untimely. [Payment Verification Systems](Monthly)SSA information on receipt of Social Security Title II Retirement, Survivors and Disability Insurance (RSDI), State Unemployment Insurance or Disability Insurance Benefits. This match also includes information from the SSA BENDEX file of recipients reported as being on aid in two or more states at the same time

• 20 IRS abstracts for run date June 10, 2022; 3 abstracts were processed timely, and 17 were processed untimely. [Internal Revenue Service Asset Match (Annually) Matches unearned income for out-of-state accounts, interest, dividends, lottery winnings, stocks, bonds, IRAs, mortgage income and other unearned income not reported to the Franchise Tax Board.]

• 20 BEER abstracts for run date April 07, 2022; 18 abstracts were processed timely, and 2 abstracts were processed untimely. [Beneficiary Earnings Exchange Record (Monthly) Reports wage information from SSA not reported to EDD, including out-of-state wages, military wages, federal wages, and self-employment wages. As part of the BEER process, counties receive lists of cases
where SSA has identified another SSN and/or name being used by the recipient.]